Joseph Voss

Mechanical Engineering student at The University of Texas at Austin specializing in Mechatronics and High Performance Computing.


  1. Automated System Health and Performance Benchmarking Platform: High Performance Computing Test Harness with Jenkins
  2. Student Cluster Competition 2016 reproducibility challenge: Genomic partitioning with ParConnect


Bluetooth Serial

  • Lets Split Keyboard

    July 2018: Custom built and hand soldered keyboard
  • Fire Rescue Robot

    December 2017: Senior design project to design and prototype a remote controlled fire rescue robot
  • Hand Machined Vice

    December 2017: Machine tool operations final project
  • Homemade RC Car

    February to May 2017: Design and manufacture of the mechanical components of an RC car for a class in Machine Elements
  • Grafana Visualization

    February 2017: Visualization of home server metrics and the status of local sensors
  • Student Cluster Competition

    February to November 2016: International competition where students design, built, and test a high-performance cluster at the SC16 conference at Salt Lake City
  • Fluid Flow Simulation

    April to May 2016: Navier-Stokes solver in C++ using MPI on TACC systems
  • Vindicator CPU

    August to December 2015: Attempt to write an 8 bit core from scratch in Verilog
  • Portable Bluetooth Display

    March to April 2015: Text-only serial display operating wirelessly over bluetooth
  • Rotating Disk Projector

    October to December 2014: Prototype of compact and inexpensive display using a rotating disk and a single LED
  • Vanadium Dioxide Logic Gates

    June 2013 to April 2014: Design for an optical computer using thermochromatic thin films