Joseph Voss

Mechanical Engineering student at The University of Texas at Austin specializing in Mechatronics and High Performance Computing.


  1. Automated System Health and Performance Benchmarking Platform: High Performance Computing Test Harness with Jenkins
  2. Student Cluster Competition 2016 reproducibility challenge: Genomic partitioning with ParConnect


Joseph Voss

5610 Abilene Trail, Austin, TX 78749, USA (512) 517-0468


Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin Aug 2014 May 2018


Systems Administrator, TeKSystems Jun 2018 Present

Subcontractor at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the High-Performance
Computing Operations group

Used Puppet to configure and manage large scale systems

Developed and deployed system health monitoring tools using Golang and Openshift

Expanded performance monitoring tool to compare current results to
historical data

DevOps Engineer, MultiMechanics Jan 2018 May 2018

Focused on making software tools cross-platform and able to be build on
Redhat and SUSE systems

Created automated build system using Vagrant

Configured and installed pbs-pro job scheduler to better share computing
resources. Lead training on it’s usage

Worked on simplifying and stream-lining developer workflow

Texas Advanced Computing Center

Student Intern, High Performance Computing Jun 2017 Aug 2017

  Developed an automated HPC testing harness using Jenkins, PyTest, and
CMake that integrates seamlessly with SLURM

  Created a heatmap visualization showing historical degradation
and improvement in system performance

  Wrote and presented a research paper describing the test harness developed at
the HPC System Professionals Workshop at Supercomputing Conference 17

Team Member, Student Cluster Competition Feb 2016 Mar 2017

  Designed, built and managed a cluster of high performance compute nodes

  Developed remote power monitoring system using SNMP, Graphite,
and Grafana

  Learned how to use and profile several HPC applications

  Attended Supercomputing Conference 2016 to compete with student teams
from around the world, placed 4th overall

  Published a reproducibility study to the Parallel Computing journal.

Science and Engineering Apprentice, Applied Research Laboratory May 2014 Aug 2015

Created a suite of cross-compatible unit tests in C++ for open source software

Redesigned the method of reading/writing out RINEX files to use OOP

Developed an inexpensive COTS GPS data collection platform using
Python; decodes binary streams and writes out to a formatted RINEX file


Python, Puppet, Golang, Openshift, Bash, Git, C++, Jenkins, Linux management & development, LATEX


Voss, J., Garcia, J. A., Proctor, W. C., & Evans, R. T. (2017). “Automated System Health and Performance Benchmarking Platform.” In Supercomputing Conference ’17: Proceedings of the 2nd international HPC System Professionals Workshop at SC’17. New York, NY, USA: ACM.

Ababao, R., Garcia, J. A., Voss, J., Proctor, W. C., & Evans, R. T. (2017). “Student Cluster Competition 2016 reproducibility challenge: Genomic partitioning with ParConnect.” Parallel Computing.